Annual Horse Registration Fee

      Registering Your horse with The Racing Manager is the initial step required to gain access to Our services and for other Members to be able to access the horse’s data. On completion of TRM registration by the Group Manager, the Horse Registration Fee will be charged. The fee is charged once per annum and applies to each horse registered.
      Chargeable in bands dependent on the number of horses.

      Annual Subscription Fee

      The Annual Subscription Fee applies to Group Managers, Group Members and Guest Members.1 The Annual Subscription provides access to the bespoke data, media content and communication facilities of one horse in addition to general access to the Site.
      This relates to the total number of horses you are associated with and is chargeable per horse

      VAT Service Fee

      The Racing Manager’s VAT Service Team deals with HMRC directly on behalf of all registered owners wishing to claim back their racing-related VAT and who are registered under the Owners’ VAT Scheme.
      The VAT Service also applies to Syndicates and Partnerships who have registered a joint VAT number. For more information about this service, please contact The Racing Manager. Fee charged quarterly.
      Chargeable Quarterly as agreed

      Fractional Ownership Sales Commission (Introductory Fee)

      As agreed and confirmed
      Please note, all our prices are exclusive of VAT. Trainers, where not Group Managers, are provided with access to the Site at no additional charge.