The potential Members of the Site include the following:

Group Managers

 – These users will set up and manage an Ownership Group and will gain access to additional parts of the Site, including the management dashboard and will administer the group including adding, amending and removing Group Members as necessary. Group Managers will also have access to the private messaging function and all communications sent out will go to all Group Members. An Ownership Group may be managed by one or more Group Managers and “Group Manager” is defined accordingly.

Group Members

 – These users will be part of an Ownership Group and own a financial interest in a horse or in an Ownership Group. They will be registered with TRM and will be able to use certain features within the Site. They may be invited to join an Ownership Group by the Group Manager. Any communications posted by Group Members will be notified to the Group Manager or Managers. 

Guest Members


(i.e. Friends & Family) 

– These users will have access to the same information within an Ownership Group as Group Members, although they will not actually own any proportion of the horse or the Ownership Group. Guest Members may be invited to join by the Group Manager. They will need to register with TRM once they have been invited to join. A Group Manager is able to invite Guest Members as agreed with TRM in advance.


 – The racehorse trainer (where not also the Group Manager) will need to be linked to a Group Manager and be invited to join an Ownership Group by the Group Manager and will need to register with TRM. They will be able to access the same features as a Group Member but will also be able to access a part of the app which will be tailored to provide communications to the Group Members (and any Guest Members) in the ‘updates’ section of the Site. Trainers may also set up Ownership Groups, in which case they would be fulfilling the role of a Group Manager and would also gain access to the features outlined for that user type.

Trainer Representatives -

A Trainer may appoint one or more representatives to use the TRM Site on their behalf. The Representative (if not the Group Manager) will need to register on TRM and be linked to a specific Ownership Group in order to gain certain Trainer access rights.